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美國味全新聞稿 (10-13-2014)

Wei-Chuan USA Inc. does not import any food that contains meat or animal fat from Taiwan, nor uses the tainted oil from Taiwan. According to U.S. regulations, any meat or animal fat may not be imported to the US without first inspected and passed by the USDA inspector at the manufacturing site.

Wei-Chuan USA Inc. provides consumers with safe and quality foods through tightly controlled procurement of raw materials that complies with strict food safety and government regulations.  All Wei-Chuan USA raw material suppliers are required to provide letter of guarantee which ensures in meeting the food safety regulations, as well as detailed material specifications. Wei-Chuan USA Quality Assurance personnel inspects and documents the raw material for quality and acceptability upon receiving.

Wei-Chuan USA manufacturing plant is inspected and passed by the United States Department of Agriculture. Wei-Chuan USA manufactures food products in compliance with regulations of USDA, FDA, and local health departments.  Furthermore, Wei-Chuan USA strictly enforces the food safety programs including HACCP, GMP, PRPs (such as SSOP/personal hygiene, supplier approval/monitoring program, and food defense programs) to ensure and protect consumer food safety.

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